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 Planting the roots of healthy lifestyle

Do you think that - the safest food is cooked at home.? We used to eat nothing but the purest food in past. Nowadays, the food we eat is no longer as healthy as it used to be in the past. Now the source of food is not natural seed and farm. Seeds have been artificially genetically modified to produce more. Food crops & vegetables are sprayed with many different poisonous chemicals due to modern farming practices include spraying of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the crops. On top of it, even this chemicalized food that we eat, is further adulterated.

According to the research- If the Food is grown with the Natural Seed without chemicals & Pesticides, the quality & the nourishment of the food is 10 to 1000 times more than the  normally available Genetically Modified Food.

DO YOU KNOW- You (Your Body) is all made from food.?

Every 35 days our skin replaces itself, renewal of our liver takes about a month and our body makes these new cells from the food we eat. What you eat literally becomes you. Your body is converting food to form tself It’s actually in your hands to choose – what you want to be made of.? Hence the solution is your diet and life style. We were always uncertain or vulnerable for the cause of chronic diseases like heart problem, diabetes, cancer, obesity etc. But now we have the answer for the cause of all your health problems.

Eat Pure,

Eat Healthy,


In more ways than one Health Garden is India’s answer to global health revolution. Dr. Amit Bhandari  a group of nature loving professionals working as a team with the mission to bring back health to your life.  Dr. Amit Bhandari proud to bring you the first Organic ~ Herbal Health Food Store in India. With the help of world leaders in nutrition, natural and ancient healing concepts, we offer a complete range of herbal medicines, herbs juices, certified organic groceries, fruits & vegetables, organic  and herbal teas & coffees,  pregnancy &  infant care products, organic personal & beauty care, gluten free & much more…

~Herbal Medicine & Treatment

~Individualized Diet & Lifestyle Guidance

~Organic  Groceries, Spices and Condiments

~Organic Fruits & Vegetables

~Organic and herbal teas & Coffees

~Organic & Herbal Cosmetics and much more…

at *BR HERBALS.. Health Garden

Parkash Nagar Chowk, Model Town, Jalandhar.

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